Chile Chat, Tech Love, NJ Tuition Terror

Chile Chat

People walk in a damaged area of Curanipe, some 389 km., about 241 miles, southwest Santiago, Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010. A magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck central Chile early Saturday. (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

In “Chile earthquake: Aftermath,” the Washington Post chronicles the ways in which the American Red Cross is assisting in Chile relief, aid and security since last Saturday, February 27, when a monstrous tremor tore through and shook Chile, measuring a historical 8.3 magnitude. In a series of questions and answers, Apu Patel, whom the Cross appointed to lead Chile-relief, responds to the concerns of several American citizens. Many questions are related to the differing approaches to the Cross’s relief efforts in Haiti as opposed to Chile. Others ask whether the Cross is accepting volunteers. One vacationer, who still plans on visiting Chile, wonders if he should bring relief items.

Earthquakes have popularized themselves in this new year, interesting the public in their massive powers. Actually, my fiancé took the time to research why Chili’s devastation was no where near Haiti’s, finding that Chili is more firmly settled on bedrock, a firmer ground, and that the nation’s infrastructure was galvanized after the Great Chilean Earthquake.  This article is also appealing because its content isn’t simply focused on the news of the quake but also on the after-effects. The press has gorged themselves on the earthquake itself, but the article focuses on Chileans’ conditions. Furthermore, its Q&A structure is fresh and unique.

Find it HERE.

Loving in a Tech-Savvy Culture

“The Dos and Don’ts of  Digital Love” is a light-hearted piece, written with quick quips and a casual tongue, focusing on and listing love-related taboos and dating no-nos in a digital world. To begin, it gives the true history St. Valentines Day, emphasizing its origin in the Catholic church, not Hallmark, saying the French and Chaucer are to blame for its romantic designation.

With countless woes in the world, a fun-loving and humorous piece on one of the most ubiquitous subjects (love) is always appealing to the public. has accomplished its mission with yours truly. What’s also intruiging is that this piece was posted eight days after the day of fluttery emotions. Perhaps the site’s editors thought of the idea too late or forgot to post it on time.

Find it HERE.

NJ Tuition Terror this piece, Jersey Journal writer, Ken Thorbourne, explores the relationship between New Jersey City University and its proposed state budget, in which schools will get less but are asked to cap their tuition hikes at three percent, a requirement for NJCU if it wants to receive $1.5 million in new state aid. NJCU President Carlos Hernandez is quoted several times, saying NJCU has followed state orders, even though it intended on increasing tuition four to five percent. NJCU’s tuition for the 2008-2009 school year was $8,726 — the lowest of the state universities. Next year it will go up to $8,988.

With NJCU’s tuition-hike protest scheduled for today, this article is timely and relevant. Students have been receiving only one side of the tuition-hike controversy, though, and this piece serves a portion of the state’s position on its budget cuts and tuition increases.

Find it HERE. Gov. Christie’s SPEECH on NJ’s proposed budget.


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