Waterside Restaurant and Catering, North Bergen, NJ

Anyone with an eye for ambience and a belly for decadence would have a field day at Waterside Restaurant and Catering.

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll find a wonderfully patient and helpful staff, comprised of cheery hostesses, calm managers and skilled servers, all of whom understand the patron is primary. Coat-checkers neatly arrange unwanted attire in a separate room and hostesses gently guide you to tables within an exceptional dining room that seems to good to be true.

Snowy white linens rest on each table, over which sit supper essentials: perfectly polished wine and water glasses, flickering wicks and silver flatware off which you can see your reflection (I did!).The serving staff quickly works in tandem, bringing warm bread, butter and the daily Waterside olive oil dip, prepared by Chef Karlo Dobric and a diligent kitchen crew.

Servers politely seek your attention before taking bar and drink orders and are always willing to assist in choosing from the wide variety of wines from the Waterside cellar selections.

After relaying Waterside’s daily specials, they then recommend their menu favorites, of which (and I’ve had them all) the “Veal Chop Milanese” –– a fiercely flattened and breaded chop, topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and splashed with balsamic vinaigrette –– and “Baked Tagliolini” –– a hearty and house-made, linguine-like pasta baked bolognese-style and capped with creamy bechámel and parmigiano –– are my favorites. Entrée prices are appropriately placed anywhere between $20 and $45 depending on what you order.

Highly recommending Waterside Restaurant and Catering would be a complete understatement; the Waterside experience is so much more satisfying than a simple a “high” recommendation. Go, and you’ll see why!


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