Delighting in War-like Weather

Unlike those
roasting humans at the equator, we (those of us experiencing all
four of earth’s glorious seasons) in the greater New York area are
often besieged with trillions upon trillions of tiny ice crystals,
which preclude us from foraging for food, setting out on morning
jogs and even refreshing ourselves at the local, java-drenched
wells, including, but not limited to, Starbucks. Throughout the
dastardly cold hours of these inordinate whiteouts, glee-filled
hearts should occupy their time with things such as watching
captivating films in toasty living rooms, gathering the masses for
an all-out, snowy onslaught against a friend, and by taking a
nap–not by cowering away in a sea of complaints. In late December
2010, North New Jersey endured nearly 30 inches of packed power,
along with spine-chilling winds that roared over 70
mph. Although we had to tirelessly tunnel out walkways in
front of our houses and excavate out our dear vehicles, the State
of Emergency proved to be a state of enjoyment, if you used it
right. And so, the only way to truly regale the day was to take my
words of wisdom and make them walk. Seeing as my nine-year-old
nephew would love descending down a snow-padded hill as much as I
did, his father and I enthusiastically escorted him and his friend
to the horror of all hills near us, which drops precipitously
dangerous. But, oh! What fun we had planning and piloting our
plummets, which nearly thrusted us into the streets! At home, my
precious wife awaited my coming, at which point we embraced one
another lovingly and simply napped. Waking from our elementary
siesta, we tuned in to our Playstation’s Netflix, savoring the
witty dialogue and family focused, heart-prodding plot of
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. On the
grand whole, a snow day so great that it causes a state to declare
a State of Emergency must be treasured, like a man prizes his
wedding band. It’s most certainly a day to relax and maybe, after
having watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,
eat some finger-licking snow!


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