Verizon Boldly Ushering in iPhone

In “Verizon Wireless Confident It’s Got Muscle for iPhone,” The Wall Street Journal details the public’s doubts, AT&T‘s feelings and Verizon Wireless‘s hubris over the iPhone’s move onto Verizon’s network. As the largest wireless carrier and most robust network (according to a December 2010 Consumer Reports survey), Verizon is confident enough to offer its iPhone users unlimited data plans, unlike AT&T, which had to withdraw its unlimited iPhone data plans in order to better manage its 3G network. The article quotes Anthony J. Melone, Verizon’s chief technology officer, who said, “We added enormous capacity to the network in one fell swoop” in regards to the massive preparations taken to brace for an estimated 12 million iPhone buyers in 2011. AT&T expects iPhone users to prefer its network’s multi-functional abilities, “like allowing users to browse the Web while talking on the phone.”

Reporting on Apple’s most current events are as important to Generation Tech as stones were to cavemen. For a news agency to be apt, it must flow well with the ebb and flow of technology. This piece not only reports the iPhone’s sheer data strength, it also (and mainly) divulges a pertinent piece of inexhaustibly awaited for information: that Verizon will capably and finally adopt Daddy iPhone into its family of far inferior cell phones, taking its place at the top of mount technology. As crucial as the article’s content is, its structure could use a teeny bit of tweaking, in so far as the piece has a total of only four quotes rammed deep into the whole. In my view, journalists report what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Quotes are the most ideal way to capture a story! No one cares more about what I write than they do about what Steve Jobs says. Other than that, this slice of information fits well into news media, just as the iPhone slides in my pocket.


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