What would the 300 coming to my funeral say about me?

When men dip into their graves, never to see their earthly life again, there must be some measure of opinion about the life they lived.

“I wonder if I left the lights on,” one might indifferently say, as he sinks into everlasting as if everlasting won’t hold him. And another in regret: “So many women I could have had if I had only stayed single.”  And still, another: “All I can do now is wish I hadn’t teased God. He’ll hopefully have mercy on my impoverished soul.”

My thoughts, I hope, would be strikingly dissimilar than these. Of course, I’d tenderly miss my wife, who’s always ready to nuke me with a smile or caress my heart with the stroke of a gentle word. I’d wish I was nicer to nasty neighbors, who never shared their sugar (or even their conversations!). As a relatively non-famous soul, I’d also cogitate my average legacy.

What would the 300 coming to my funeral say about me?

Most importantly, I’d want to be remembered as a sinner. Yes, a sinner. For only those who admit their transgressions can receive forgiveness from a all-powerful, loving God, who rescued his dying earth with the natural and supernatural birth, life, death and resurrection of his son, Jesus, who later, knowing his sheep’s needs, sent his Holy Spirit to forever dwell in his people, convict the earth and regenerate hearts in glorious strength. Sinners, in the cross of Christ, overcome their separation from God. Arrogant “saints,” unable to see their black hearts, can’t overcome what they haven’t dealt with.

Jesus deals with humanity’s most outstanding problem: sin. If I’m remembered a sinner –saved by grace alone in Christ alone — I’ll hopefully bring others into heavenly bliss, where souls live forever in fellowship with a wonderful God.


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