End of 2011 Calls for Exodus of US Iraqi Troops

Confirming the 2008 security agreement (which clearly states US troops are to withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011) between then President George W. Bush and Iraq, Vice President Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki recently met to discuss its terms, as well as the U.S. military’s role post-withdrawal, according to The Washington Post‘s “Biden and Maliki say they are still committed to troop withdrawal by end of year.” As stated by government spokesmen Ali al-Dabbagh, neither political leader mentioned the chance of troops remaining in 2012. Although Iraqi military commanders claim they need more US military training, Maliki does not want U.S. troops staying past their target date. The article reports that U.S. officials are examining ways to stay involved indirectly, with the training of a few military leaders.

As a slice of pertinent current events, the content fits well. With Iraq being a focal point to President Barack Obama’s campaign trail, the public should be told whether he’ll follow through with his promises. Structurally, the piece is perfect, with intelligible breaks throughout.


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