Noises that Gladden My Ear Drums

Of all the worldly hubbubs and melodious resonances I’ve heard, there’s only one lone yet lovely sound that brings me the most tangible joy.

But before I divulge such classified information, I must first tell of the three yucky noises that bring me only misery.

1-Rarely do my ears cross paths with the physically painful cry of my pants zipper clenching that on my body which is anatomically male. This sound is fearless.

2-Arriving home after a trying day of support raising (what I do as part of a Christian non-profit), it’s always rewarding to receive soft kisses and firm hugs from my bride. What isn’t rewarding is when the maddening, cursed and inept voices of actors from the TV drama, Secret Life of the American Teenager, are slowly stripping the day’s delight from my heart and the paint from my living room walls. That’s certainly a collective sound of misery.

3-Last, and certainly the most universal, is that screeching morning wake-up call, the bedside alarm. Although mine echoes from one of my more beloved possessions, my iPhone 4, it’s a sound of hell, bringing my ears only flames of fury and causing me to gnash my teeth.

As I already said, there are a plethora of merry sounds in the earth, but only one delivers to me exceeding joy. It’s the confession of needy sinner asking God to enter into his or her life, restoring that which the enemy stole–or what he or she foolishly lost–and redeeming what the world says is more satisfying. As God’s Bible says, there is much rejoicing over one sinner choosing repentance! What a ballad the angels must sing! Next to this thrilling noise, there’s the soft prayers of my lifetime and gorgeous wife, who always seeks Christ’s will above all else. Surely, this post what rather pious, but there is no need for a man to hide that which gladdens his ears, or, on that note, that which saddens his ears.


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