iPhone 4: Indispensable and Limitless

For all the embittered iPhone 4 haters (including owners of previous generations and non-owners alike), there’s simply one remark that will put you in your place: go get one!

Earnestly, though, if you were to trash your inept Droid and landline phones and obtain a heavenly iPhone 4, you’d discover two absolute truths: it’s indispensable and limitless.

In the weekly havoc of life, the iPhone 4 creates for you an extra, all-encompassing memory bank, relieving you from managing millions of scattered notes (mixed with swampy tissues) and rendering it one of the most indispensable electronic products for the human mind. It also serves as a modish fashion item.

As far as limits are concerned, for this ever-progressing, versatile doohickey, there are none, because Apple has ambitiously set out to continuously create and re-create its star product, perpetually snuffing out the competition and awing its global audience. I’m convinced that neither Droid nor Blackberry, nor height nor depth–nor any other blundering phone-makers–will ever be able to surpass the iPhone 4 and its coming generations. I’m also convinced Apple should build the next iPhone with a built-in super projector, casting high-definition images as wide as 65″ televisions. Sure, I’m a hopeless tech-romantic, but that’s what created the first iPhone.


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