My Reality TV Drama: CoEXisT?

If for some spectacularly strange reason, I was granted the honor of creating a reality TV show, the world can be sure it would be the most wanted and watched drama on all of prime time television.

Featuring a full line-up of three studious and devout college students, “Life Likes Lillies” (its indomitable title) would carefully meander through the simple, active lives of religious enthusiasts, all trying to construct a more stable planet.

Shin Dao is a graduate student at New York University, who’s attempting to educate high school students about Buddhism through the art of African dance.

At Princeton, on the more conservative side of Islam, there’s our veiled sweetheart, Abida A’dab, who’s tirelessly trying to convince female Muslims, especially those that are a part of Muslim student organizations, to repent from giving into American culture and begin wearing traditional hijabs and full-body outfits.

Finally, the third character would be Johnson O’Hana, an Irish Christian-Jew raised in an African American church with the preaching convictions of a Calvinist yet the “gentle heart of Jesus,” as he would say. O’Hana is studying philosophy and theology while minoring in women’s studies at Rutgers University.

Together, our trinity of wildly dynamic and profoundly pious college students will make for an intriguing reality TV drama, while providing three major religions with their hour of devotion.


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