Democrats Quash Republicans’ Health Care Law Repeal

The Story:

By a Senate vote of 47-51, Democrats halted the Republican effort to revoke President Barack Obama’s health care legislation, endowing the Supreme Court to finally decide on an highly political and constitutional issue. The Businessweek article highlights the events surrounding the matter on February 2, 2011, quoting Senate Majority Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who feels Democrats should objectively introspect, “Maybe my vote for this bill was a mistake.” Proponent of the bill, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the repeal would “take away a child’s right to get health insurance and instead give insurance companies the right to use asthma or diabetes as an excuse to take away that care.” Democrats agreed with one change Republicans wanted in the bill: the law’s requirement for businesses, charities and state and local governments to file tax paperwork every time they buy $600 or more in goods. The piece further examines the opposing views on the health care law’s constitutionality, Democrats arguing that it’s a Republican tactic to take down the bill at the Supreme Court level, since they couldn’t defeat it in congress. Republicans say they should have reviewed its constitutionality before passing the bill.

My Take:

A political story on health care that will have as much practical impact as the food Americans eat should indeed be reported. Sociologically, the dynamic of the American culture would change drastically provided that the health legislation passes; all would have access to hospitals and doctors. Employers will also have to ensure their not only paying for their employees’ health care but paying adequate taxes for the rest of America. Additionally, the law will require individuals without work-based insurance to purchase a government-supplied policy, as well as pay more taxes (that’s where the money comes from). With so many practical applications, the progress of such a story is not only newsworthy but necessary to report. As an aside, it’s heart-wrenchingly disheartening to witness such a sharp divide in our Senate. ALL Republicans follow one another. Reciprocally, ALL Democrats are, well, Democrats. This is “politicizing an issue” is the making. No longer are the utilitarian needs of American society investigated and met. Political parties, instead, meet their cronies’ needs and demands.


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