If States Can Do Healthcare Better, Obama Says, “Help Yourself”

The Story:

CNN.com’s story captures the recent talk President Barack Obama gave to a crowd of governors, in which he broadly discussed government spending but also specifically addressed one portion of the health law (signed last year): “Beginning in 2017, if you can come up with a better system for your state to provide coverage of the same quality and affordability as the Affordable Care Act, you can take that route instead,” Obama said. In other words, if states can devise a health care plan that is as thorough, economical and inclusive as the Affordable Care Act without increasing the deficit, they should by all means proceed. Practically, the bipartisan proposition would allow for state governments to apply for “innovation waivers,” freeing states from participating in a number of the law’s stipulations.

My Take:

With all the difficulties that arise in an uninsured family, this article is like the sight of land to a sea-drifter. Whether Republican- or Democrat-leaning, the uninsured individual can now hopefully await what their respective, chosen leaders will do, whether federal or state. In either case, there is the possibility that they will be insured. A story so life-changing is most assuredly newsworthy. Now, for all those partisan hot-shots (whether Democrat or Republican) the story is equally significant, since their desire is for the “other” side to be thwarted. As for me, I’m merely glad we live in such a country where our leaders’ talks, decisions and  reforms are constantly shared with its citizenry.


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