In a Castle There’s a Room

Topic #74:

Read through first – then do.

Close your eyes. Count to ten. Then imagine a beautiful ancient castle (tastefully remodeled to include central heating, kick-ass wi-fi and ready laptops everywhere). Now walk down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. Go into the 2nd room on the right. What’s inside?

After boldly and cautiously leading my bride down the vacant castle’s Hall of Majesty, we arrived at its most envied quarter (as I heard on the journey), a sleeping chamber engrossed with a line of living vines, off which grew the most peculiar petals, which almost beamed their colors–an array of gold, green and crimson–against the floor. The vine’s petals weren’t grown from a stem or bush like roses, but they scaled the slender streamer as would the skin of an alligator.

At the almost beating heart of this surreal chamber firmly stood a bed, about twice the size of an average mattress, which gently persuaded my wife and I to sleep. First, its plump pillows argued we’d feel most snug on, in, under and above them. Then, its colossal headboard posited that only under its shadow would we dodge the searing sun’s palatable rays. Finally, its curtain, as white as the heart of God, graciously asked us to step under its calming veil.

To make a long story short, we did. Then we bought the castle!


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