My Best-loved College Class

Without the precise amount of deep conversation with classmates and insightful presentations from professors, a college classroom can seem as boring as flicking a light switch off and on all day.

Yes, that boring. Sure, there’s an electrifying element to a light switch, but it is significantly more captivating to use literal light to engage in something else, like reading, board games or discussion.

Professor Jim Broderick of NJCU turned on the metaphorical light of journalism, particularly in my senior year Feature Writing class, to shine brighter all the lovable parts of feature writing.

In presenting the interview as a striking art that has an end goal in mind but no one-way method to be accomplished, asking the subjects of feature stories questions is as effortless, organic and fun as absorbing a high-energy football game. In explaining the thrill of choosing a subject, his principle is simply profound: “There is nothing a writer should avoid writing about.” And in openly recognizing the unseen fears writers have, he verbally shattered my and others’ insecurities to a thousand glass shreds, never to be mended again.

Never was there a moment as dull as is even one light-flick, which I’ll always appreciate in memories to come.


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