New Arizona Law Makes Certain Abortions a Felony

The Story:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Tuesday, March 29, signed a bill into law that makes race- or gender-based abortions a felony for medical professionals. Although it does not penalize the pregnant women having the abortions, pro-choice groups are outraged by this measure and other efforts aiming to multiply the law in other states. In Chicago, after a Texas-based pro-life group posted a billboard with President Obama’s picture on it that said “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted,” The Chicago Abortion Fund, a pro-choice group, said, “Not only is the ad attempting to shame black women but placing a picture of the President Obama alongside the message is cynical and misleading.” Since studies reveal abortion numbers higher in African-American women, the pro-life groups behind the recent Arizona law and billboards use these facts to assert that abortion is genocidal for African-Americans, like Life Always, which argues that “The most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb.”

My Take:

As a piece of solid, newsworthy material, this story, for the average American, almost outshines the uproars in the Middle East, and, unfortunately, even the tsunami and the potential nuclear meltdown in Japan. Combing two sensitive, controversial and highly scorching hot-button issues is the reason for its appeal. Race, gender and abortion, or, rather, abortion because of race and gender is a motive that pro-lifers seem to think pro-choicers would agree is evil. If anything, though, this only complicates and muddies the debate. Personally, pro-lifers should stick with their original argument, that life begins at conception, and all abortions are murders of the innocent, no matter the motive. As for the articles political bend, it’s fairly obvious that this journalist is biased. Everyone knows, especially journalists, that to remain balanced and objective, you must call a faction by its preferred label. Never once does Zachary Roth say “pro-life.” Instead, he writes, “anti-abortion,” when he in the same article he refers to pro-choice groups as “pro-choice.” Please call me a “husband,” not an “anti-wife,” for I prefer this.



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