Drivers Consuming Less Gas As Costs Mount

The Story:

According to MasterCard SpendingPulse, which records the amount of gas purchased at 140,00 stations across the nation, motorists bought roughly 2.4 million less gallons of fuel for the week of April 1, a 3.6 percent curtailment from 2010. Some economic experts predicted the demand to rise, since the demand actually was growing for two months before the recent plunge in demand. “More people are going to work. That means more people should be buying more gas,” said John Gamel, director of gasoline research for MasterCard. As far as prophesying gas prices, most experts agree a gallon will cost $4 by mid-summer, citing the July 2008 peak of $4.11 per gallon. Consumers are doing everything to save, from walking instead of driving, replacing gas-guzzling for gas-saving vehicles, or buying gas mid-week. And although the demand has dropped, it likely won’t be significant enough to drop costs, since the worldwide demand has increased, specifically out of countries like China.

My Take:

Few news stories truly affect the entire populace; this one does. Even if one doesn’t own a vehicle, as car-owners begin to make use of mass transit, non-owners will feel the multitudes in their element. Additionally, the prices of airfare, deliveries, some foodstuffs, etc. will also rise, seeing as gas is necessary to keep an instant, ever-changing world in motion.

I certainly will embark on a journey of summer car-pools, delivering my own mail and cross-county walkathons. There’s no need to use gas when its not needed.


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