List of Things to Do that I’ve Not Done

Things I’ve never done but wouldn’t mind doing.

1-Violently being swept out of a plane on a skydiving trip.

2-Dangerously scuba diving in deep, shark-infested waters.

3-Traveling, unscathed, to the center of the earth.

4-Meticulously preparing a holiday meal for more than a dozen people.

5-Tirelessly attempting to defeat sleep by staying awake for a week.

Things I like that I haven’t done in over a year.

1-Delicately balancing twenty-two college credits with the rest of my life, while maintaing my sanity.

2-Thoughtfully planning conferences and rallies for young Christians.

3-Lovingly visiting my wife (then girlfriend) abroad, then joyously trekking the land (Spain) together.

4-Experimentally merging foods and ingredients that would otherwise never mesh.

5-Coldly refraining from ever drinking coffee again.


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