Becoming an Astronaut

To answer your question regarding this post’s title, I am not an astronaut, nor have I ever traveled to outer space, but in my former years–from about the ages of five to eight–I wanted to become a flying space man.

Unfortunately, when answering this same question at about eight-years-old in the third grade, my teacher said something like this: “Well, honey, it takes a lot of money and study. Why not consider becoming a teacher?” At this, any child’s dream of effortlessly drifting in mid-space or within a highly advanced space machine would be crushed; mine was.

And although it was difficult letting go of my cosmic hope, I forgave that unsympathetic soul. I like to think my current life stage is like space floating, in that I simply trust a Greater Power to buoyantly, sovereignly carry me from position to new, thrilling position.


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