My First Interview: Ice Cream and Incompetence

When you need money, you work. As soon as lawfully possible, I got a job at the age of sixteen and made money.

With ambition, thoughtfulness and fear, I thought about all the places I could work in town. There was the local, dying ice cream shop. Up the block there was a Bodega, but I never saw any outsiders working at Bodega, so I didn’t try. I shot for the ice cream shop, and scored!

The morning of my interview, I washed my body, put on clean clothes and had some ice cream–just for good measure. The bus cost me a whopping $1.25 to travel 20 city blocks. I arrived at Mark’s, a quaint boutique that specialized in hard and soft ice cream, slushies of all sorts and ice cream cakes–just like all other ice cream shops. Hoping they’d pay me at least $1.25 in training pay to make up for the bus, I stood for the interview (very informal) before the manager, a short, giggly 30-something with Turkish features. I told my name, age and aspirations, and she gave me the job. She also informed me that they’d pay me $6/hour  in training pay, teaching me that you gotta spend money (on transportation) to make money (serving scoops or deliciousness).

Immediately, they put me through the grudgingly cold training process. Never once did I scoop hard ice cream from a tub two-feet below. Never once did I mix crushed ice with cherry syrup. And never once did I have to worry about the customer watching their order being prepared. All this frightened the freezer out of me!

Thankfully, while training at the shop, Bed Bath and Beyond called my home, my mom called the shop and I quit ice cream making for good and better things with retail at Bed Bath and Beyond. Although they didn’t serve ice cream, BBB was definitely a better fit as a first job for me.


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