I Dreamed of an Uncreated Invention

Dreams are indiscriminate, often irregular and sometimes predictive, since my mother-n-law has been correct about the sex of family babies for years; she knew Jenn, my bride, was pregnant with our boy even though we never disclosed even the pregnancy! She was also unerring in forecasting all four of her children’s genders. I don’t presume dreams are the end-all to knowledge, but their sometimes prophetic power is chilling.

In claiming they’re indiscriminate, I intend to show that the mind will often draw from a far-reaching source. For example, I might dream of how President Obama deals with his children, however well or unwell that might be. Dreams will intrude unwanted or foreign thoughts into one’s night.

As a daily sleeper, my dream frequency per year is anywhere between five-to-twenty stupors every 365 days. The relationships between me and my dreams is a casual one, bringing unusual ideas to mind at irregular times.

This is where my invention comes in. I don’t think anyone would actually need this dream-based innovation, but most inventions are unnecessary anyhow.

In my sleeping vision, I gleefully arrived at a friend’s house where I noticed steam was emerging from a seemingly empty sink. Concerned for my friend’s safety and home, I rushed to the sink, dumbstruck by what I saw.

Neatly placed in rows with succulent seasoning only heaven could produce were four thin slices of chicken. The kitchen sink was heated! Not only was it used for sauteing chicken, but spaghetti was boiled in the water that was then drained. HeatedSink © was also utilized as an effective dish washer, where dirty kitchen plates and supplies would be steam-bathed for a time then rinsed.

Curious to know how such a feat was possible, I peaked underneath, noticing heated coils that were controlled by dials on the countertop next to the sink.

As I began, dreams don’t discriminate on whom they’ll lay a far-fetched idea that may actually be indicative of the future.

HeatedSink © can revolutionize any home’s kitchen experience. From dish-washer to pasta-boiler to stir-fry masterpiece, HeatedSink © is as versatile and visionary as the dreams you’ll dream.

As a post script, Google has apprised me that heated sinks actually exist. I was not in the least aware of this when I had the dream, which implies dreams can have a parallel revelation function, telling the viewer what’s already occurring or existing.


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