Kids Make Me Feel Like A Kid

Our American culture of individualism and materialism sees children as nuisances and liabilities. I disagree. Therefore, this post will be rather countercultural, I suppose.

Kids are awesome. They’re funny, always finding new ways to make observant adults cry their inner child out. They’re loving, never placing on adults inordinate expectations. They’re free, unattached to the innumerable worries that adults often unnecessarily pile on life.

More than anything, kids make me feel like a kid again. Sure, there are ice cream parlors, toy stores and elementary school report cards than can all evoke the child in anyone. Actually, when shopping for my niece and nephew, the first thing I ask is, “What would I have wanted as a child?” Then I buy it, whether its bubbles, legos or delicious cookies.

However, nothing can replace having healthy, quality—even quantity—time with kids, expressly with my nephew, Gio, and niece, Angelina. Gio has this uncanny ability to make every conversation a funny one. Usually, this includes dropping a quip about farting, but he’s awesome nonetheless. Angelina is in her copycat phase, where she’ll mimic that which one asks her to mimic. She and I have this ongoing contest to see who will fail to mimic the other. For example, with tons of giggles and slaps in the face, she’ll follow the movement of my head, from looking up to quickly looking down. She always wins.

These kids are spectacular, and I can’t wait to raise our own, Gianluca, who’ll arrive on or around August 25, 2011. Yes, they’re inconveniences at times, but they should be celebrated.

As a windup, the next time you want to roll your eyes because of a crying or annoying child, think twice. You were there once, and kids’ attitudes about your irksome quirks are much more gracious.


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