Five Peppy Projections for Summer 2011

Capri, Italy (No, we're not heading there).

1-Seeing as childbearing bears a serious degree of importance, I nearly listed it last, since our culture loves preserving “the best for last” and since our son is due August 25, in the closing weeks of Summer 2011. Most of the following points, though, are either exclusively or indirectly related to our son’s advent. Therefore, my and Jenn’s plan primero is to have our son, Gianluca, love him well and begin raising him with fervor and fun.

2-Facing the sun can be a brutally glum experience without the proper attire and preparations. Gleaning lessons for the past tanning errors we’ve committed, we plan in Summer 2011 to affront Earth’s blazing ball of hell with three essentials: gallons of water to replace the inordinate shedding of sweat (for drink and swim), a nearby source of shade to temper the sun’s sting and a bathroom to provide my wife plenty of opportunities to unleash her preggo fury.

3-As a schoolboy raised by Italian immigrant parents providing for us from a menial income, my source of fun was primarily “on the block,” as we called it in the inner city, not from cable cartoons or Disney movies. Around 6:00 PM, after frustrating over hours of homework, friends on the block would vigorously disengage from their homes, pouring in the streets for hours of stick ball, charades, tag and more–an all out jollification unaccompanied by Hey Arnold! or The Terminator. Ergo, Jenn plans to persevere in catching me up to all the years of movie deprivation by queuing up our Netflix constantly.

4-Date nights will be practiced with gusto. Wives are not meant to be tolerated but celebrated, and, as one author said, “Husbands, if you don’t date your wife, someone else will.” Of course this is not even a minimal fear of mine because Jenn is downright awesome. I like, love and look forward to hanging out with her. And plus, if I don’t escort her to strolls along the riverfront, to three-star din-dins below dim lights (our budget can’t yet squeeze in the fifth star) or to clear glass displays from which we can appoint and gobble all kinds and colors of ice cream–I am no man. And because I dotingly and thoroughly love her, I get to date her. It’s great!

5-Socially, I’d like to advance. Graduating college, marrying and sparking our careers have greatly curtailed time with friends and family. Not only will this improve friendships by organically kindling heartfelt or hilarious conversations, it will also thrust my photography and writing competence. “A writer must lead an interesting life to write interesting things,” a college professor once told me, after which I cogitated over my life’s appeal. My recreational projection may seem selfish, but I assure you, it is in the service of literary and artistic altruism for which I intend to be more gregarious.


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