One-eyed Jihadist’s Apparent Death Sparks Hateful Response

The Story:

Top al Qaeda jihadist, Ilyas Kashmiri, whom counterterrorism officials see as al Qaeda’s military brain, was seemingly killed in a drone strike on Friday night in Pakistan. Hateful criticisms ensued.

“The oppressor U.S. is our only target and, God willing, we will take revenge on the U.S. soon with full force,” spokesmen, Abu Hanzla Kashar, said.

A senior Pakistani military official said the strike killed nine others as well. Some feel the kill is an embarrassment to Pakistan, since this is the second terrorist kill (the first being Osama Bin Laden) that on their own land they were not involved in.

In his early career, Kashmiri fought India over the territory of Kashmir. He lost his eye while fighting Russia in Afghanistan.

On three continents, counterterrorism officials consider Kashmiri one of the most dangerous men in the world. His death will be investigated.

My Take:

Murder, fights and wars will always be in the interest pool of the public. There is something in human nature that desires to know, hear and see the most grievous of sins. Certainly, this is not the case in all individuals and people groups. Kashmiri’s story is newsworthy not only because of people’s sick qualities but because justice, in the eyes of many, has been inflicted.


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