Pictures Capture Time? Yes and No.

Moments in time are generally comprised of several elements. One, there must be minimally two genial, loving persons to remember the instant. Two, the circumstance must possess some sort of entrancing power, like the way the first sight of a rainbow, the NYC Skyline or one’s bride in her dress will evoke a sense of joyful wonder. Finally, this moment must ensnare your affections, attention and will even prophesy into your future, knowing it’ll be ever-present in the hard drive of your brain.

Whether or not a camera can truly capture a moment in time is a difficult question. As a quasi-professional photographer, my view is a compromise between those who would shout a definitive YES! and those who would despise the issue with a NO! Pictures, photos, snapshots do well in documenting life events, like weddings, birthdays or one’s first date; however, a camera is not a replacement for the human heart. For something to be captured in time, it must be subjectively fantastic and sensational! Mental pictures more perfectly capture their viewers’ lives than a creation of plastic, glass and battery could ever try.

Although camera’s are not fully sufficient to serve one’s memories, they do aid one’s mind in finding and reminding lost moments in time. Feel free to observe the photos on my Facebook, both recent and archaic. Most of them mean something to me. Some I took myself.



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