Non-profit Fundraises to End Nat’l Debt

The Story:

A couple from New York has committed to ending the national debt crisis by fundraising through their non-profit, the Association to Reduce the National Debt, Inc.

Tired of the “games being played in Washington,” Seth and Teri Eisenberg began sending checks to the U.S. Treasury on the condition that their funds only be used to lower the national debt. They feel that if Americans unite under this issue by giving only $5/month, billions could be raised per year to cut away at the deficit.

“This is not a Republican issue, not a Democratic issue, or whatever,” Seth said. “This is an American issue.”

My Take:

Nearly every American is under the weight of some kind of debt, whether because of college or La Mafia. Along with this, nearly every American seethes over the fact that “the man” — the US government — has a deficit, and most citizens will blame Washington’s bigwigs.

This story is exceedingly newsworthy because of its relevance to individuals, as well as to the nation. Also, to see average Americans taking responsibility for what may be concluded as the government’s duty is unusual, and an unusual report is often the best material for a news report.

Watch it here. 


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