Weekends Should Be Longer

I’ve never known a single soul who didn’t have some sort of longing for the a coming of a rapturous weekend. If the work week is a deadly storm–raging around one’s emotions and tempers–then the weekend is the hopeful clear sky that rests miles away and above one’s week. As a child (from about five to twelve-years-old) I absolutely idolized Saturday morning cartoons: Batman Beyond, Pokémon, etc. These animations reminded me that school, homework and wrathful teachers weren’t the only ingredients to life; there are more, which usually emerge on the weekends.

As a tax-paying citizen of the United States, I hereby vouch that weekends should be longer.

Firstly (and not begrudgingly), if Friday and Saturday and Sunday all fully comprised our weekend, the U.S. deficit would slowly crumble. As everyone knows that an idol mind is the devil’s play yard, it only logically flows that if an American is given one extra day for indolence, he (or she!) would slip into a deep confusion, ultimately resulting in shopping sprees across the Internet and consumer-entrenched malls. And the more one buys, the more taxes will be paid. The more taxes paid, the quicker the U.S. can dig us out of this gaping deficit.

Secondly, while I’m all for hard work, I think most vocations can accomplish in four days what we allow five days for.  If we shortened the work week, several benefits would follow. One, instead of only seeing one another for breakfast, families would thrive because of their quality time together. Two, a compact work week would convey to Americans (workaholics especially) to relax and live a little; whip out a book and simply sit down. And three, creativity requires air to breathe. With a haphazard and wild work week, even Picasso’s inventive genius would die. More room for imagination (used right) always explodes with fresh artistry, innovative entrepreneurship (more jobs) and downright dynamic social hours.

Since longer weekends increase quality of living for all, let it be done!


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