Lead and Follow

Dancing is most enjoyable when both parties involved participate in leading and following, as are other life activities. When my wife first began teaching me the twirls of Salsa, the timing of Bachata or the almost dangerous hip-maneuvering of Merengue, I had no choice but to follow her lead, an act of shame at first.

After much practice (weeks of stepping on toes and unfortunate arguments) I attentively learned how to lead in the art of dance. My shame dwindled and my confidence blew up like a volcano. I would soon find out, though, that following is just as much fun as leading.

One wedding night, while leading Jenn in unrivaled twists and dips, I slowly ran out of creative dancing juice. Instead of boringly taking our seats, though, I humbled myself and allowed Jenn to lead. And I learned that following is just as gratifying as leading; it was a huge epiphany.


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