Three Things I Won’t Write About And One Thing I Will

As a Christian, husband, dad, news-junkie, life-observer, tech-savvy consumer, campus ministry staff and friend, there are plenty of things I’m adequately versed in to write about, namely items in the realms of Christianity, marital romance, parenthood, current events, general living, college and interpersonal relations.

But to write about the following areas deeply frightens and intimidates me. Asking me to probe the following topics is like asking Michael Scott, Scranton, P.A., branch manager for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, to manage a bank, or worse—a Staples; it just doesn’t sit well with me!

1- I will never write about women’s beauty topics. Please understand that I am in now way a Machismo or chauvinist in any regard. Seeing my wife research, buy and apply beauty products is mesmerizing, but I simply cannot understand (and therefore communicate) the philosophies and methods underlying beauty commodities.

2- Although extreme open-air living has a few attractive qualities (the thrill of skydiving, shrill of swimming with sharks or the kill of deer hunting), I’d prefer advising in the areas of my experience. Since these hands have never grasped a dead deer, there’s no need for me to counsel the world by writing about the non-experiences.

3- While technology has always impressed and tempted me, there’s no chance in cyberspace that I’ll be writing deeper than consumer technology. Computer programming, HTML and mainframe hardware is so far above my pay grade that in writing about it, I’d go poor.

In summary, I simply cannot clearly converse about, pen in ink, or cogitate that which I’ve not encountered nor comprehend. However, as a wordsmith—charged with the timeless duty of guarding this English language—I must persevere in learning.

So if need to, I will thoroughly research COVERGIRL, glide on the underwater currents with Hammerheads or smash my MacBook Pro, only to investigate the internal workings that create such external masterpieces.

Writing must endure about everything, all the time and in every area of life, even if it means I’ll have to stretch outside my comfort zones.


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