Interview With Beauty Connoisseur

In an attempt to educate my self into writing about subjects about which I know nothing, I’ve chosen to interview my bride, Jenn, about beauty, beauty products and trends. Her answers are insightful and eye-opening. 

Babe, let’s start with the understanding that I know nothing about beauty products or trends. Simply answer the questions so as to make me more informed. 

Q– What is a beauty product? 
A–  A beauty product is anything that helps enhance the features of your face, like lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, etc. 🙂
Q– How does a lady keep pace with changing beauty trends?
A– A lady keeps track with the trends by reading magazines, going on YouTube, watching actresses and fashion models on TV. I’m probably forgetting other ways, but those are things that I do.
Q– When and why did you begin using beauty products? 
A– (With a giggle) I started in eighth grade, with just eyeliner. I started because I wanted to be cool and pretty.
Q– How does one apply lipstick, mascara and eyeliner? What companies should ladies avoid buying products from?
A– Lipstick goes on the lips. You just follow the shape of your lips. Mascara goes on your eyelashes. Eyeliner lines your water line and your top lid by your lashes. There are so many makeup companies: high end and lower end. All have products that aren’t worth buying; you have to either test and see the products or go online and research.
Q– How do you know you’re beautiful? 
A– I know I’m beautiful because a perfect Creator created me with no mistakes, and because my husband loves me and tells me all the time, with or without makeup. 

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