Occupy What? | All About the Occupy Movements…I Think

With a closed fist as a logo and the chant, “We are the 99%!” the Occupy movements have quickly spread across the nation, demanding, well…no one is exactly certain.

“Our message right now is very vague,” said Clark Davis, OccupyLA media director. “It’s left vague, slightly intentionally. What we’re trying to do is unify a voice.”

That voice whispered a sound four weeks ago as Occupy Wall Street and has since gotten louder and more widespread as droves all over the U.S. continue protesting. Although Mayor Bloomberg planned on shutting down this morning’s protest, where over 3,000 gathered at Liberty Plaza near Wall Street in New York City, demonstrators peacefully finished their occupation without being scattered.

The Occupy movement is sure of a few things: “this is a leaderless movement without an official set of demands. There are no projected outcomes, no bottom lines and no talking heads. In the Occupy movement, We are all leaders,” claims one Washington Post article.

Media and scholarly giants have also weighed in on the confusion.

“The focus is on corporate greed, individual liberty, social justice, democratic accountability,” said Dr. Cornel West of Princeton Univ., claiming these are the specific demands. “The 1% own 40% of the wealth.”

Proponents of the protest feel the worst thing you can do is make the poor in the U.S. invisible; they believe the government must fix this.

Opponents in the media, like Bill O’Reilly, feel differently, claiming that the Occupy movement will fall apart without a unified voice of demands. He also feels it’s based in radically left idealism.

“I respect protests and some of these protestors who genuinely want to change this country for the better,” O’Reilly said, “The thing that disturbs me is New York Magazine did a survey and asked a hundred of these guys, ‘How radical left are you?’ and 34 out of the 100 said, ‘We believe the United States is no better than Al Qaeda.”

Whatever their vision, the Occupy protestors are ambitious, persistent and united—at least under the banner of being united for unity’s sake.

Bill O’Reilly’s YouTube video regarding the protests.


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