Two Iranian Soccer Players Ousted After Improper Conduct

The Story:

Two Iranian soccer players were suspended after engaging in immoral behavior during goal-scoring celebrations. The Iranian soccer federation has permanently expelled player, Mohammed Nosrati for squeezing the butt of teammate, Sheis Rezaei. The squeezing, along with a second exploit, was viewed live by millions, but Nosrati and Rezaei say they didn’t intend to offend anyone. Not only has the Iranian soccer disciplinary committee forever ousted the players, they also charged them with a $40,000 fine. The Islamic republic’s soccer federation has made powerful examples out of them, as it has been rigorously attempting to end what it deems immoral or foul, both in word and deed.

My Take:

International news is especially noteworthy when millions of people can relate (in this case to soccer), as well as when the news will stun the norms and customs of brother and sister countries. Soccer is the most watched–and likely most loved–sport in all of the world. When a move in any country ousts a player because of improper conduct, viewers will want to know. Also, in the U.S. primarily, showboating and parading as fools after a goal, score, touchdown is standard, and butt-slapping especially is a norm in the culture of U.S. sports. To hear that players were so punished (indefinitely suspended) as these Iranian players is truly shocking, and therefore relevant, to Americans.


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