Five Reasons Why I Love This Photo


1 – While everyone else on the planet takes top-down social media pics of themselves, this shot is a sharp, wide frame of me, my wife and son.

2 – Photographs are supposed to capture emotion. Our son here is laughing hysterically because dad just tickled the bejesus out of him. Even if I was not there at the creation of this moment, I’d still say this is one clear expression of the subjects’ feelings.

3 – Dull photographs flatten an image with the improper use of lighting. Here, with the use of a ring flash adapter, the image’s technical qualities are as alive as the smiles on our faces. Notice the soft vignetting, the vibrant background, the shadow line around our heads and the downright sparkly catchlight. Beautiful.

4 – Jenn’s hair is by no means “done.” Although most women cringe over photos in which they are not pristine, my bride has no problem being herself. And neither do I.

5 – Finally, I love that we’re smiling. This is a clear and true reflection of our lives. We are happy with one another, and we smile the most in the company of one another.

Gear used: Canon 5D Mark II, Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, 430EX ii and PhotoJojo’s O-Flash Adapter.


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