Fatal Boom Seen as Terror Strike

Here’s the story:

“Deadly Blast at Moscow’s Main Airport Seen as Terror Attack” reports the chilling account that a blast violently  shook Moscow’s most active airport at 4:32 p.m. Monday, January 24, leaving at least 30 people lifeless and another 130 wounded. Russian news organizations said that Domodedovo’s halls were so stuffed with smoke that it was hard to see the deceased. The New York Times article also quotes witness, Sergei Lavochkin, who said, “I saw carts, the ones you use to move luggage. They were transporting people on them.” Russian president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, said, “according to preliminary information it was a terrorist attack.” Domodedovo, the nation’s most trafficked airport, is rerouting international arrivals to nearby airports. In closing, the NYTs piece cites past terror attacks: one in March 2010 when two Dagestan women detonated a bomb in Moscow’s subway line killing 40 people, and another when, in August 2004, two Chechen suicide bombers triggered bombs on two separate flights, killing themselves and 88 others.

My take:

What makes this story newsworthy isn’t the sadistic appeal of gore and bloodshed, as many critics might argue. The reason this must be reported is because the innocent are being tyrannized by terrorists, and humanity has this inherent moral that the weak should not be preyed on, as it is in nature. No. Every human has the right to live and when one flawed creature takes it upon himself to impinge another’s right to live, then that individual or organization (like Hitler or the Taliban) must be quelled. Murder and terrorism are at the core human rights issues. If this wasn’t the reason, then the story would be relevant only because a stronger “species” or people is sifting out the weak. Personally, I believe a good God instilled this moral code to which many nations have adhered, but which many individuals have transgressed. As for the the writing, it’s cogently clear and the conclusion, which puts the act of terror in context, is a great way to tie this story into past, apt news.


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